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The Faraway People

A cult hellbent on death and destruction, a troubled family with a twisted web of secrets and lies, and an ancient forest swarming with ungodly abominations.

When Hattie and Richard Penrose take their family on a ‘staycation’ to the Cornish village of Bodhmall’s Rest, cracks in their unsettled marriage start to appear, as does the truth about Hattie’s fling with a co-worker and Richard’s burgeoning money problems.


As the family members battle their own individual demons, strange creatures are sighted amongst the trees, and the ghost of the mysterious Red Man appears in the attic. When an undercover SOCA agent uncovers links with a criminal organisation known as The Belvedere Saints, things start to unravel at a terrifying pace. Little do the Penrose family know that Glanna Cormoran and the members of her pagan cult are keeping a close eye on them.


And the Terrible Babies. They’re watching too.

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Reviews for The Faraway People

Insane, claustrophobic and gloriously creepy. Dighton has crafted a tale of dark, pervasive horror that I couldn’t put down. The first tendrils of insanity tease the reader early on but by the wonderfully bonkers climax, the author gives us both barrels. This is must read for fans of the genre.

Chris Coppel - Author


There will be blood, mayhem, death, horrific secrets and an ending of sheer, glorious, twisted lunacy.

Amazon Review

I had to watch something funny on TV after I read it, just so I could sleep.

Goodreads Review

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