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The list isn't huge just yet but I like to think it's perfectly formed and ever growing. If you like to sit down and immerse yourself in tales that are a little left of centre and perhaps take you to a world that's a bit like your own but with extra sharp edges and dark and musty corners then these stories should tickle your fancy. Don't be afraid to take a peek. There's only a couple of strange looking characters hunkered down behind your curtains and keeping watch but I'm sure they're harmless. Almost certainly. Oh, and don't forget to tell me what you think when you're done by clicking the contact button above.

Pale Face front cover jpeg.JPG
Pale Face & The Raven

ISBN: 9781700950611

A Detective Inspector with a destructive personality, a young aspiring author with a family history steeped in violence and lies and a sadistic murderer hell bent on summoning an evil spirit from the beyond all hurtle towards a thrilling climax in a dark tale full of bewildering twists and pulsating turns.

Can DI Luke Raven use his own powers of precognition to protect his loved ones from the Pale Faced killer? Can he rejuvenate his flagging career while battling his own personal demons? And can he save his own blackened soul from the lure of Angra Mainyu? 

The Maidens of Fey Cover.tiff
The Maidens of Fey & Other Dark Matter

In this short story collection all is not well in the little village of Fey. Journalist Freddy Deacon is in town to write a piece on the mysterious Lord Evreux but gets drawn into a plot being hatched by the bewitching Gwenora and her piskie friends while also attempting to avoid the clutches of the evil Morai the Unwashed.

In 'Only By Night', 'Bed Bugs', 'TimeBomb' and 'Mister Trick' the author takes you on a joy ride through the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres while drawing you in to compelling worlds full of treachery, murder, a past that comes back with a bang and a colourful children's magician hellbent on revenge. 

HATR Front Cover.JPG
The Hawk and The Raven

ISBN: 9781912964895 

‘I rose from the furnace, the molten and the boiled, my body crossing the thin veil that separates our very different worlds, and yet you believe that I am nothing but a vision? No, Luke. I’m afraid I am very real; very real indeed.’


Luke Raven, a suspended Detective Inspector, is working a private missing persons case when he stumbles upon the mystery of five unsolved murders on Westhampton Beach. Raven, however, is different - he has clairvoyant abilities that even he doesn't fully understand.


Molly Staker, the daughter of the head of a surreptitious organisation known as the Legion, is slowly descending into her own dark and twisted obsession, and those close to her are left to suffer the fatal consequences.


Raven's pursuit of the cannibalistic serial killer, the Hawk, leads him into a dramatic confrontation with a demon he has faced once before and a desperate battle for both his son and his own sanity.

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