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Hi all. Happy November. The weather's a little colder and a lot damper, and I'm finding the grey skies more than a little depressing. The good news is that Christmas is just around the corner; although I'm not sure my waistline or liver can handle the copious amounts of turkey, mince pies, chocolate, real ale and spiced rum that I'm bound to consume - I'll give it a damn good go though!

Anyway, for those of you that enjoyed part one of my short story, 'A Ghost on the Water', I've just put up the second and final instalment in the Free Reads page of this very website. Go and take a look - what harm can it do?

Also, if anyone wants to grab a free (yes - free!) copy of my last book 'The Hawk and the Raven' (the second in the Luke Raven series) then all you have to do to get yourself in the running is sign up to my mailing list in the next two weeks. I'll pull the lucky winner out of a hat (or bowl, or glass - whatever) shortly thereafter. I'll try to get the freshly printed copy of the book to you before Christmas. How good is that? And, yes, that is an Iron Maiden T Shirt I'm wearing in the photo. We were there - Download Festival 2022 - banging our heads with Eddie, Steve, Bruce and the gang.

An update about my next book will be coming soon, as well as some exciting news about a show I'll be exhibiting at (not quite confirmed yet so I'll wait until the ink is dry before I tell you more). Also, keep an eye out for Scare Streets 'Night Terrors volume 26' - my short story, 'An Ocean Black', will be nestled somewhere within its terrifying pages, along with a number of other talented authors' works.

Also, if you haven't seen it, check out Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix. A fantastic show based on really cool stories from some revered authors. I suggest you don't eat your dinner while watching though - some of the episodes will put you off your eggs (especially 'The Autopsy' - that one's pretty gross).

Take care for now and I'll check in with you again next month.

All the best,


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