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It's almost Christmas...

So, while we're not quite there yet I thought I'd add a little Christmas tale to the 'Free Reads' section of the website. While it may not be the traditional Christmas fable, and probably won't make you want to go to the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of sherry and chow down on a mince pie or a turkey sandwich, it's a story I quite like and one that kind of wrote itself. Those are the best ones after all.

The sequel to 'Pale Face & The Raven' is nearing publication and I hope to announce something in the new year. As for 'Pale Face' - for those of you that continue to buy it, read it and enjoy it - thank you so very much. I really appreciate the feedback (good or bad) and the fact that you've spent your hard earned money on a story that you probably knew nothing about until you read the first line about the body of that poor girl in the woods. Big shout out to Bryan Gilmore who narrated the audio book version - many of you have told me how much you enjoyed listening to his characterisation of the many personas in the book. Maybe we'll do the same again next time.

For now, enjoy the story of Rufus, Lottie and the voice from behind the tree and have a great Christmas (as unique and slightly odd as this one will be) and let's all look forward to a new year that might see us get back to at least a semblance of normality (Brexit notwithstanding).

PS. I've added a snap from when my wife and I, our son Harley and our best friends went on a camping trip to the Dordogne. A great holiday with some brilliant laughs, good food and drink and where we visited an outstanding alligator sanctuary. For many people this pic is kind of like what 2020 has felt like so I thought I'd throw it on.


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