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It's Spooky Season!

Hi everybody, and welcome to the October blog. I hope you're all well, and managing to read some good books. For my part, I've just finished reading Brood by Chase Novak which was a really cool, superhero-flavoured horror novel, and Joyce Carol Oate's The Doll Master, which is an excellent collection of creepy tales. I had never read any of her works before, but I have to say I am now a huge fan. How I'd never come across her before, beats me. She is truly an expert storyteller.

Anyway, I'd like to start by welcoming all my new mailing list signees, of which, thankfully, there are many, and also to you anyone who is just generally checking out this website, has read or is reading my books, or is simply a reader in general. You really help to keep books written by real-life, living, breathing people alive, which is so important. It bugs me when people tell me "I don't really read." Grrr. I feel like responding with, "so you don't have a phone, then?" - but that's maybe just because I'm now 50 and officially a grumpy old bloke.

Of course, it's October (every horror fan's favourite month) and as you can see from the pic, I've been out making new friends. This weekend I spent the day at the UK Comic and Gaming Convention at the Kent Showground where I was selling my Raven series, as well as pre-release copies of The Faraway People. The reception I received was fantastic, and I met with so many keen readers who really knew their stuff, and I also got to sign a lot of books. These shows are so much fun to attend, and so immensely rewarding. It's really cool to meet and interact with the readers, because not only do I make new friends, I also find out what people are reading and get some great recommendations, too. I met some other great authors, including Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric, Six!, The Parasite Crop, and many other titles, and Nick Henry of London Gothic Comics, who, along with artist Michael Burton, has created the London Gothic series. Please take the time to check these guys out at the links below. You won't be disappointed:

The actual release date for The Faraway People is looming. As you may know (and if you don't, why not), it's due to hit the streets on Halloween. I'll be holding my launch event at The Long Hop pub in Sittingbourne, Kent (UK) on 2nd November at 7PM. There'll be nibbles and drinks, as well as a talk and a read from me (I'll try not to bore you). If you are in the area, please try to pop in. If you want to pre-book a table or a seat, please message me via this page and I'll put your name down. For my US readers, maybe I'll try to hold one over there when I'm next in the country.

I'm pleased to say that the book is available for pre-order now from my publisher, Cranthorpe Millner, as well as from Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Foyles etc., and so far two of our local Waterstones branches (Maidstone and Chatham) have agreed to put it on their shelves, with more to come. Watch out for pics on my social media, just after the release date.

My Instagram tour is taking place 16th-20th of October, which is so cool. I always have a great time working with Bookstagram reviewers, who are always so giving with their time and diligent with their reviews and pics. If you follow me on Instagram, keep your eyes peeled for loads of content during those 4 days.

The spooky winter short story collection, Particular Passages - Closed for the Season, is also now available for pre-order from the link below. This anthology is the work of a fantastic publisher, Knight Writing Press, and includes stories from many great authors, including my own contribution - The Saint and the Seraph. Please check it out - I promise, it will keep you entertained, if a little terrified, during the dark and cold months.

Lastly, an extract of The Faraway People will feature on Litopia's 'Pop Up Submissions' You Tube show on Sunday 15th October at 5PM. I sent them this extract when I was looking for a publisher for the book. Thankfully things have moved on since then, but it will be interesting to hear what they make of the section I sent them. Hopefully, they'll be kind. Once more, the link is below:

So, that's all from me. Sorry if I rambled, but as you can see, there's lots of exciting stuff going on, which I am truly, truly thankful for.

Enjoy the rest of the month, and I'll check in with you again in November (Christmas is looming).

Take care of yourselves.


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