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November Newsletter

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Hello all, and welcome to the November 2021 edition of the newsletter. As most of you know, October was a big month for my newest Horror-Crime release and the next in the Luke Raven series, 'The Hawk and the Raven'. Not only was the book released on 26th October, I was also lucky enough to be interviewed on BBC Radio Kent and Kent online, as well as hosting the book launch at the superb 'Tales on Market Street' in Faversham (the event sold out, as did all the books!). We also had 30 stops on the Bookstagram tour, with reviews, interviews, insights and giveaways. The tour spanned the UK and the US which was hugely exciting. I can't thank everyone involved enough - lots of people put themselves out to promote the book, write balanced reviews, post images, attend the launch and just generally be cool people. Thanks everyone!! And to you all - the readers, the people that keep creativity alive and give people like me an outlet for some of the weird stuff that pops into my over-sized head (seriously, no hats fit me). Thank you so much. If you do read the book and enjoy it (I mean, why wouldn't you) it would be awesome if you could tell me what you think via Amazon and/or Goodreads reviews. I read them all and take all feedback on board.

If you're on the mailing list, or follow my social media, you'll know that the next three people to sign up to the mailing list will receive a free copy of The Hawk.... so if you have friends who want a freebie you know what to do.

As for what's next...well firstly the audio book version is in production so watch out for its release on Audible. It'll be a few weeks yet so hopefully by the December newsletter I'll have big news. We continue to promote the book, which is fun, so more stuff will come out over the next weeks.

And finally my next full length novel, 'The Rotting Place' is cooking very nicely and turning into a real thrill-per-page humdinger. If you like horror, mystery, crime, fantasy and thrills this will be the book for you. Think Deliverance meets Midsommar meets Doc Martin. Intrigued? Well, stay posted.

Lots of stuff happening and even more to come. In the meantime, enjoy the lead up to Christmas and the wind down of yet another crazy year. Keep well, have fun and take care of each other. Oh...and keep reading!!


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