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The Faraway People - Cover Reveal

Hi everybody - I hope you're well and enjoying life in general. I'm writing this blog whilst on holiday in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is coincidentally where I began writing my latest horror-fantasy release, The Faraway People, way back in August 2021.

I'm so happy to be able to finally share the cover of that book with you. I collaborated with the fantastically talented @DansMonsters to create the artwork (he did all the hard work of course) - it depicts a few of the more terrifying characters from the story. I've included the blurb on the homepage of this website. The release date has been confirmed as 31st October 2023 (that's right, Halloween), but it's available to pre-order now. You can either click the link on my homepage, or you can order from Waterstones by clicking the following - The Faraway People by Stacey Dighton | Waterstones. The more pre-orders we hit, the more likely it is that they'll stock it in store, which would make my dad very happy! Thanks in advance for your support.

This book has been a real passion project for me. I've always loved writing every single thing I've ever created - that sounds obvious, I know - but I can honestly say that writing this latest book has been the most fun I've had since I decided to take writing seriously. 'Yeah, right. They all say that!' I hear you cry, but honestly, it's true. Each of the characters were a real joy to write - particularly the freaky looking but kind-hearted Eli, the deceptively evil Glanna, and the awkward kid with a warrior's heart, Jonno.

To whet your appetite a little more, below is a review from one of my pre-readers-

‘Insane, claustrophobic and gloriously creepy. Dighton has crafted a tale of dark, pervasive horror that I couldn’t put down. The first tendrils of insanity tease the reader early on but by the wonderfully bonkers climax, the author gives us both barrels. This is must read for fans of the genre.’

You can also check out the blurb on my homepage.

We're preparing for the book launch event, and also putting together the Instagram book tour which is always fun to do. As I've said before on this blog, I'll be at the UK Comic and Gaming Festival in Detling, Maidstone on 1st October, and I will have a few advance copies of the new book with me to sell - you could get the book almost a whole month before it's released if you come along. It would be great to see you.

Additionally, the audio book version of Night Terrors Volume 26 containing my short story, An Ocean Black, is now available from the following link - The Author Helper Suite - Books by Scare Street (

On the reading front, I've just finished The Lingering by Chris Coppel, my Cranthorpe Millner stable mate and also a very talented author. I thoroughly recommend it. It's a creepy read that will put you off buying a house in the English countryside any time soon. I'm also halfway through The Hunger by Alma Katsu, which is a horror thriller set in the American wild-west during the nineteenth century. It's very creepy, very realistic, and full of historical details. The research Alma must have undertaken to make her narrative so believable and immersive would have been immense. Kudos to her.

I've also just updated the Free Reads section of this website with the fourth and penultimate instalment of Prize Crop. If you missed an episode, don't worry. Just message me and I'll send you the missing sections. I hope you enjoy it.

That's it from me for this month. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.



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